About You

Strong women don't always have it all together. They don't always reach all of their goals. They don't always succeed, and they don't even always try. But they reflect on those times and keep striving. If they avoided trying something they wanted to accomplish, they think about why and come up with a strategy that works the next time. If they don't have it all together one day, they figure out a way to do better tomorrow.

Strong women fill their lives with things that are meaningful to them. Instead of working those things into their schedule, they work their schedule around those things. This means they need to have their style match their busy life and not spend their precious time overthinking their wardrobes.

About the Jewelry

Rust and metal have that love/hate relationship that makes them impossible to quit. Not the rust of an old junker, but the one-of-a-kind patina that gives our pendants and earrings their unique look. Performed with a little alchemy and a lot of luck, each item is an exclusive amalgamation of aged beauty.

If tee shirts and jeans are your dress up clothes and what you'd prefer to be wearing is active clothing for your day of kayaking, urban hiking or chasing kids around the playground, a simple pendant or earrings can make a strong statement.

If dressing to slay a room is more your style, the right accoutrement can be the difference between knocking them over or knocking them dead. I say opt for the latter and own your world.


About Me

I am a semi-strong woman who aims to be completely strong. I am managing my midlife crisis through creating, I am a semi-strong woman who aims to be completely strong. I am managing my midlife crisis through creating, writing and exploring the world in as many ways as I can manage. I believe my generation of women gets stronger as we age and this causes us to redefine each decade and milestone. I am attempting to be the woman I always wanted to be, the woman who is as strong as my daughters, and the woman who continues to grow and change and never stop yearning.

In this last year of life I have begun kayaking, taken up biking again (even riding the BMX track a few times), tried many mediums of art, leaned Spanish, started geocaching with my daughter, and taken up the sedentary hobby of postcrossing which is a modern day form of pen pals with postcards around the world (check out www.postcrossing.com).

I anticipate the next year will bring even more new things and hopefully improvement of current endeavors. Thanks for hanging out with me here in this new space. I hope it inspires you to be, if not strong, at least stronger than you were yesterday.

Our jewelry is made with strong ingredients, like metal and hemp. With the addition of fair trade beads and sometimes the softness of bamboo, each piece is as unique as you and complements your life.”


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