What Colors Are Your Dreams?

what color are your dreams

If you don’t currently live with an eight year old, you may not realize how vividly they describe their dreams. When Sylvia says she wants to tell me about her dream, I prepare myself for a meandering rabbit trail of images that ends up with a tale nothing like where it started.

But her dreams are definitely in color. The images can’t be contained by words and mere language.

And this applies not only to her night time dreams, but dreams about her life and these are even more vivid. Her list of things she wants to be includes explorer and scientists and basketball player and dancer and teacher and singer and the beat goes on. She has no lack of color. A lack of focus maybe, but she’s eight.

How do your dreams compare? Not those night time crazy stories that have plot twists that only Freud could explain, but your ideas and ideals for your life? Are they specific and bright like Sylvia’s? Or are they just brown and white, muddling along?

I say brown and white instead of black and white because even black and white has a certain cachet that people seek. Film noir is a favorite movie genre of Richard’s and there’s nothing like the look of those old movie stars dressed in their best, sipping their martinis, to give me a sense of how much sophistication I don’t have.

But what about the lack of color where you feel like there’s nothing grabbing your attention? When you write in your planner, do you just see tasks, but no neon to illuminates the purpose behind them?

These are the doldrums of life when the quotes about making things happen and the motivational things we see don’t really mean much because we don’t even have a bright and shiny dream we’re reaching for.

So maybe before you read all about how to stay motivated, you need to allow yourself time to think about what you’re motivated to do.

Maybe you’re confusing big dreams with colorful dreams. Dreams don’t have to be grandiose or planet-changing. Your dreams are yours. Don’t compare them with anyone else’s.

So take some time to dream a little bit, even if it’s in brown and white (which is actually a lovely color combination). It’s about dreaming colorful, not just dreaming big. Don’t pressure yourself to “do big things” if those aren’t your things. Do colorful things.

Start with just splashes here and there. Instead of grabbing that number two, grab a Sharpee, literally and metaphorically. Create a world for yourself with a little more flair. Take the everyday and begin to make it a little more special. That will open up your brain space for a little more color to seep into your dreams.

And those dreams can grow beautifully and yes, maybe even into big dreams that you didn’t even know you had.

Try a little color and you, too, can be like a Sylvia with a list of things you want to do and be written in bright, bold colors. So buckle yourself in for some lucid dreaming that is your real life.

Carla BurgessComment