How to Make the Exception the Rule

Less than two weeks to go and I can’t believe how close to ready I am. My resolve from the last two posts has really paid off and I’m actually enjoying the entire season this year. I might even be enjoying Christmas music already in the season and that doesn’t usually happen until Christmas Eve!

But I’m trying not to be lulled into a false sense of security with my own apparent adeptness at handling this season. Just because I’ve done well now, doesn’t mean it will carry over. I’m often good at getting a system into place, but very rarely have the follow through to stay with it.

I can’t tell you how many times I have set up new filing systems, reorganized my Tupperware, or even, like last summer, gone full on Marie Kondo and done the most thorough clean and purge of my house and possessions I’ve ever done. Sadly, Marie would be quite disappointed if she visited my house now and it would be fair for her to assume that I was starting from scratch.

I am also notorious for falling in love with a very specific planner that I am sure will change my entire life into one of complete organization. Usually these are purchased during back to school time and used for about two weeks faithfully then left completely blank. I’m doing better with the one I have now and am using it to keep my Christmas organized.

I know, though, that I have not found the magic bullet nor have I suddenly transformed into someone who manages life and events with grace and aplomb. I just currently am managing better than usual. Just around the corner is New Year’s and all that entails when it comes to planning and resolving.

But upon reflection, I believe that writing this blog, and the commitment I made to write it weekly, has helped keep me on track. Writing something down, especially publicly, changes the level of investment from just a passing thought to something someone might actually ask you about or comment on.

So, I recommend that if you need some strategies to put in place to help with anything., start with writing it down and sharing it with someone. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. Just a text to a friend with a plan for something you need to get done might be helpful. Ask a family member to exchange postcards with one thing in writing that you each plan to work on. Any way you feel you can share your struggle and plan with someone else might give you a little extra motivation to follow through.

I have thought of my post about wrapping presents often and even shared a picture of one of my first steps with my sister-in-law. A small way to live up to my own goals for myself and keep myself accountable and make this year’s exception the future rule.

Whatever you choose, please comment and let us all know. Learning from a community of others is most inspiring. Find your way to make supporting yourself and others in their plans, big and small, helpful and rewarding. Find a way to make your exception your rule.