Lions and Tigers and Doors, Oh My!


“Sometimes we see so many doors in front of us we don’t know which one to walk through. It’s a good problem to have, but it can still be overwhelming.” I started my most recent letter to my college sophomore daughter with these words as she was stressing about declaring her major and deciding her life’s path. I realized as I was writing to her that doors confront each of us every day. Not the “sliding doors” scenario of what if’s, but the choices we face when deciding how we’re moving forward.

I wanted to be able to tell her there are easy answers at these times, but there aren’t. If you’re an active participant in your own life, you’ll find yourself continually facing decisions with no clear-cut answers.

To me, the best thing you can do is the best thing you can do. I used to love a line from a song that said, “all you can do is the best you can do.” Choose to open the door that seems best to you. Will it be wrong? Maybe, but you’ll look back and have to know that you did what seemed right at the time with the information you had and that was the best you could do. You’ll know soon whether to keep going forward or look for the next door and make a different choice there.

blue door.jpg

But what if that door knob you have your hand on now is the door that brings the change you need? What if you take a chance and turn the handle, open the door and walk through? Remember when Dorothy opened the door? Imagine what it would be like to step into technicolor. What if she’d stayed in that house and waited for someone to come find her? Think of all she (and we) would have missed.

So find those people who love and support you, line them up behind you and turn the knob. If it’s the wrong door, just learn what you can, fix what you need to and prepare for the next door. Because the universe is full of them.

Look around you today and see the doors waiting for you. Stop dreaming about what’s on the other side. It might be lions or tigers or bears. But it might be “Oh, my!”