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Hardly Delicate
Strong Words for Strong Women

Welcome to Hardly Delicate

encouraging women to thrive in

all parts of life.


What makes a Woman strong?

Strong women don't always have it all together. They don't always reach all of their goals. They don't always succeed, and they don't even always try. But they reflect on those times and keep striving. If they avoided trying something they wanted to accomplish, they think about why and come up with a strategy that works the next time. If they don't have it all together one day, they figure out a way to do better tomorrow.

Strong women fill their lives with things that are meaningful. Instead of working those things into their schedule, they work their schedule around those things. They find a way to experience the world while they grow and learn. They make the everyday journey meaningful.

Strong women have demands in every area of life and they meet those with motivation and inspiration.